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About GNA Garcia

I am a highly adaptable, vivacious professional with many years experience in college student services, social science research, and program management. I possess more than a decade of experience serving students using developmentally appropriate and situation specific outreach, mentorship, and teaching-learning activities within and outside the classroom.

Work Experience

Apr 2019 – Oct 2019 | Inn Keeper, The Martine Inn, Pacific Grove, CA

Dec 2017 – Present | English-Language Freelance Transcriptionist,, Remote Work

Aug 2018 – Aug 2016 | Volunteer Service,, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Albania, Spain

Aug 2016 – Feb 2013 | Manager of Learning Center, Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL

May 2011 – Aug 2006 | Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT

Jul 2006 – Aug 2003 | Coordinator of Student Involvement, Seattle Central Community College, Seattle, WA

Additional Work Experience

Director of Student Development, IVY International Group • Adjunct Faculty of Educational Psychology, University of Connecticut • Account Supervisor of English-Spanish Bilingual Social Marketing, LISBOA, Inc., Washington, D.C. • Spanish-Language Voice Analyst, United States Air Force


PhD Candidacy, Educational Psychology, University of Connecticut • MA, Student Development Administration, Seattle University • BA, Spanish Language and Cultural Anthropology, University of Maryland College Park


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