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week #2 of 2020, gratitude and joy through music, St. Vincent

January 13, 2020

Week #1: I enjoyed Jungle’s “Jungle” (2014) and thought of Jason Flom, who I told so. And, also believe Jason Toal aka @djdrjones would dig this band, especially if he’s still DJing. It’s got a perky grown house party kinda vibe. Especially dig the tune: “Time”

This year I’m going to enjoy with more intention and attention new (and old music), and  do this while sharing it with friends and family around the world. Read about that public-facing goal in last week’s post.

During Week #1 I also (re) joyed (in) Duran Duran’s “Duran Duran” (1981)–the first tape I owned. And two of Björk’s albums, “Homogenic” (1997) and “Post” (1993). That Duran Duran album took me back to a weird place, not so joyful at all. Pretty much the opposite of joy which is a great reason to focus on new-to-me music.

Cooking for Mae while listening to KEXP gave me joy this week… Or, said owning it, I felt joy this week while cooking for Mae and I, especially the frijoles borachos and tomatillo chicken Friends Fiesta meal on Thursday.

I’d not made the tomatillo with chicken-cook (absolutely not a recipe) in quite some time, like years and years maybe since Bavastock Fall ’12?


Bavastock, a Thursday before said party, 11.4.11-ish

(On that occasion I faced a major challenge, a quest for a decent knife because I was trying to butcher a huge pork shoulder. Of all the knives within a 20-mile radius, Alan came up with a super sharp pocket knife. Not my best moment as a home chef ((and, for the record, Tim and I weren’t as chefsties as we are now. Because had we been then, my man would’ve PURCHASED a knife to assist with that grand party cook like the #champion that he is.)) and we had an audio scenario where I provided verbal instructions to all the guests on the property on how to eat the food I had prepared–fuck me that was obnoxious…the knife….the announcement. Matame. En serio.).

I also enjoyed trying out some new scone and cookie recipes from an angel of baking math at 

Week #2

Random number generator: 420, R.E.M’s “Reckoning” (1984). I don’t know this album well, but the band, yes. Adore. Re-spin. 224,  The Clash’s “Sandinista” (1980). I was a baby then and The Clash were part of my coming out. Revere. Re-spin: 124, John Coltrane, “A Love Supreme” (1964). I know Coltrane, the album not so much.

This challenge is new-to-me bands and an album by that band. Duh.

Week #2: 558, St. Vincent’s “St. Vincent” (2014)

Alright, interesting to me because St. Vincent is (was?) quite popular on the indie radios. I couldn’t identify her voice in a lineup. I’ve seen stories about her on SM variously about relationships and such, but not music.

That’s settled then.

Also this past week: I read my first book of the year, “Year of the Monkey” Patti Smith (2019). Her treatment of Sam Shepard’s death was delicate, which didn’t surprise me. It soothed me. I’m grateful for her–a wise woman, wanderer, wonderer in my tribe. Watched “The Circle” on NF with Mae. We both loved it. That was fun. We were both happy, relaxing after a nice meal, and all felt right in the world. That’s joy, right?





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