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week #6 end of and The Jam

February 11, 2020

Eventually I will stop confusing myself befuddled each time I write an entry in this weekly series about gratitude, joy, and music. I think the problem started when I wrote the first entry on the Sunday at the end of the first week of the year and didn’t call it “week #1.” What was I thinking? 

Sunning on the porch listening to The Jam’s (1978) album “All Mod Cons.” Recognizing the lead vocal, Paul Weller, as one that I dig from their tune that everyone knows, “Town Called Malice.” However, given the question at  pub trivia “Who sings ‘Town Called Malice’?” I would’ve been a great disappointment to my team. 


“All Mod Cons” is the best overall album I’ve spent time with thus far through my weekly practice. I especially like the tune “The Place I Love” which earns the #6 spot on the Playlist. Also “Down in The Tube Station at Midnight” a song that clearly influenced one of my favorite bands, Morphine.

2020 Playlist (so far and in this specific order) 

  1.  Time by Jungle
  2.  Severed Crossed Fingers by St. Vincent
  3. Lemon Glow by Beach House
  4. 666 by Bon Iver
  5. The World at Night (for Stew) by Walter Martin
  6. The Place I Love by The Jam

Sunday drive down the coast to the first zoo in California. We need to get an atlas for the family. Saw my brother spontaneously and lovingly embrace his lady. The only time I’ve seen this since my arrival in November.

Gents, serious question: when was the last time you spontaneously lovingly embraced your significant other? For the sake of the children please do that right now and on the reg. Show your love through physical affection. We need to feel it and we need to see it.

I wonder if Isaiah was overcome with joy in that moment?

Family Mexican Food Fiesta with a guest. Asian-flavored-inspired chicken soup for the soul and body. One batch of Hungarian crepes that was just about under lock and key due to ravenous late night munchers.

Maryland’s MBB victory brought me great delight. Why delight? What role does delight play in joy? I watched the game at a local pub within walking distance from the Murphy Ave Menagerie (henceforth named). I was asked by a septuagenarian mac plagued by acid reflux if I wanted to quote continue our conversation back at his campsite end quote hashtag nojoke hashtag player hashtag gross.

Young man at the bar: What do you do for a living?

Me: Nothing.

Do you get paid for that?


That’s a dream job.


I despise small talk. And, that buck got me thinking. Contemplating the question over the last few days. Ask me again.

GNA, what do you do for a living?

I provide comfort to my family.

We had dinner at the table almost three times this week. Up from zero when I arrived. Proud of us for that. Can having the perfect buzz while cooking listening to music kitchen dance party with others, always being a favorite state of being for me and a “happy place” be joyful? How does the introduction of altering substances disqualify that activity from being joyful? Is there a purity around joy? Sobriety? Sacredness. 

Not lost on me the lyric “comfort and joy” from X Christmas song ya. Which one? 

This past week had me recognizing that the constant minute and huge changes in daily life with a baby demand more diligence in recording. I know I’m forgetting important notables and own it to the vast amount of empty space in my mind psyche self-state where work responsibilities taxing toil and grind used to reside if ever it was there–empty drawers and bare walls now. I must take better notes because once a week is not enough now neither is sporadic journaling nor letters and cards to friends that post my inner most thoughts away for less than a buck a pop.

Grateful for the sunshine this week because it obviously positively impacted the overall well-being of all the souls residing at the Murphy Ave Menagerie myself included.

What’s the album for next week? It’s definitely not #236 The Smiths that I’ve unfortunately been force feed my entire life by tasteless mod new wave alt goth individuals. Not #117 “Pretty Hate Machine” as a matter of fact I wrote about my first listen to that album on this very blog. 

548. Brian Eno – Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy) let’s do this and stop pretending that you know Brian Eno’s music you gorgeous sonofabiscuit poser 🙂



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