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week 54-ish

May 25, 2021

It’s been several months and 15 days since I last blogged in this space.

First things first, Happy New Year!

Second this gorgeous artist releases her autobiography, “Rememberings,” early next month. I’m super stoked. If I had the funds, I’d totes order it right now.

Third, my favorite singer for these long years ((thanks to @jimgroom)), the lead of The National released a solo album, “Serpentine Prison.” It’s moody. It’s perfect.

And, fourth, but not last… Duran Duran showed up at the recent Billboard Music Awards sounding and looking fabulous! Thrilled to hear and see them sounding perfect and looking forward to maybe seeing them in concert within the next TWO years.

Lastly, I’m gonna try these refractions again-STARTING NOW!

Thanks for reading.

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