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weeks 13 & 14, time running together

April 7, 2020

The length of time in social isolation is now longer than a month and starting to blend together the cooking, mornings, late nights, movies, drinkingsmokingconsuming TV shows, radio, books, baking, sitting in the sun, taking walks, Zooming and Tweeting, letter writing playing with the baby tending to the house and animals, bird watching blendingtogether like Bert’s chalk drawings in the rain-slightly unnerved so let’s rewind and hit play over the last 12 days and sift out some joy and gratitude.

Friends far away and all ways near had me enjoying a call with the Brunch Bunch, a group fabulous women I met at my first job out of undergrad in DC in winter 1997. I felt fantastically special that I was invited to the Zoom-Happy Hour on 3/26.

Brunch Bunch, 2/10/13, Washington DC

Brunch Bunch, 2/10/13, Washington DC

That same evening (I think) we had a movie night and got to chill with some of that crew courtesy of the technological mastery of my bestie (seen below). “Waterworld” seemed awesome and I’m going to watch it again 🙂 as I was pleasantly and hysterically distracted by my friends to catch the entire plot ha ha.

The OG Mobile Karaoke, 1/1/12, Fredericksburg, VA

The OG Mobile Karaoke, 1/1/12, Fredericksburg, VA

lentils, polenta, smash burgers slaw oven fries, on 3/28 Rooster was executed in the backyard (and since the hens are obviously more relaxed and producing about 2X as many eggs every day) the baby is forever teething got my CA income tax refund. chickpea curry Gigi Pie watched Grosse Point Blank with Isaiah tacos slightly hungover shrimp and pasta with focaccia and banana bread…

Maybe capital-J-oy alludes me because the majority of the time I live in a state of good humor and feel generally joyful and rather at peace calm clear headed good measured in grace Light, love gratefulness present devoted content proud generous calm comfortable and cool.

The last album I fully listened to was last week: Sufjan Stevens’ new album, Aporia, was not solely his, but a project he did with his stepdad. It’s categorized as “new age” music. I didn’t care for it at all especially since there were no calming, soothing necessary Sufjan vocals. Circumstances lead me to re call from his catalog one of my favorite tunes and add it to the list because #thesetryingtimes. Hence A Little Lost, off of Age of Adz (2010), takes the week 13 spot. An album got me through some times in the past, back in the #PhD2010 or BUST-days.

For week 14’s tune I selected a new track off of “” (a fundraising effort).As you know, Matt Berninger is dreamy, moody baritone lead singer-poet from my current and enduring favorite band, The National. The tune he covers, Holes, was originally written and recorded by Mercury Rev. The video is also dreamy and moody=double-win.

2020 Playlist (so far and in this specific order)

  1. Time by Jungle
  2. Severed Crossed Fingers by St. Vincent
  3. Lemon Glow by Beach House
  4. 666 by Bon Iver
  5. The World at Night (for Stew) by Walter Martin
  6. The Place I Love by The Jam
  7. The Great Pretender by Brian Eno
  8. Hot Freaks by Guided by Voices
  9. I Like That by Janelle Monáe
  10. Spare-Ohs by Andrew Bird
  11. This is To Mother You by Sinéad O’Connor
  12. Cry to Me by Idles
  13. A Little Lost by Sufjan Stevens
  14. Holes by Matt Berninger

Next week read this week’s exploring will be from KEXP’s Top 666: 96. Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit

chicken soup puff pastry seeded twists salad tomato sauce one of Isaiah’s friends arrives to stay with us, ramen day of no cooking for me, jambalaya bread roasted squash played Uno and listened to Wells’ “War of the Worlds” (1938) radio play. The movie “Downhill” was enjoyed by three and Alton Brown’s soft pretzels were enjoyed by all. Sourdough starter is trying to live and I keep trying to kill it.

On the 27th I spotted a Northern Flicker over the fence in the back. It was much larger than most of the other birds around the yard and the only new species I’ve been able to positively identify in the last couple weeks.

Northern Flicker pic from Vancouver International Bird Fest

On Saturday 4/4 in the wee hours of the morning I had the pleasure of speaking via the DS106Radio to a few of my friends and thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially catching up with this Yeahoo (see below).


Me and Jim in NYC underground, 10/21/11.

The moments of connection with folks outside of the daily blur familiar non routine yet routine provide a little spark of fun, play and joy. As we circle back around to hobbies new and old, clean out drawers hard drives and cupboards… ANT INVASION IN MY CEREAL SUPER GROSS and the tree outside my chambre is now blocking the bird feeder. Last night, K made quinoa bowls and Isaiah brought home a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Circling back around and around touch points to anchor us in the world today whether pushed and or pulled by nostalgia boredom loneliness love it don’t matter to me. I am grateful for the moments.

Today is sunny, no wind, warm and gorgeous. The babe is napping. And there’s soup to make for dinner. Laundry and sorting, nail trimming. I’m out of gin and wine. It might be a long night and fine by me.

Yet, if one needs the extremes to know the middle … perhaps moderation is the final reward of a lived life where we choose the center not through fear, but wisdom. (Sarton, 1973, p. 142)

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