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Communion, a little story for Jonah

January 29, 2018

Once upon a time there was a very large woman and a very small man. The woman, known as Zola, covered close to the entire earth. She was restless. The man, known as Bul, existed in the space between Zola’s collarbone and right earlobe. He didn’t know any better. When Zola laughed, Bul slid around her smooth skin as if on a children’s amusement.

One night as Zola dreamt of a very large man, tiny Bul made his way from his comfy place toward Zola’s ear. Bul has something to say. Crispy dark hair covers his entire body. Bul’s movement creates a certain friction that doesn’t hurt and neither is it pleasant. Zola, purring and half-asleep, hears Bul’s voice in her neck, just below her ear. His vocal scale is her only alarm.

Zola whispers, “Do you want to fuck?” She wants him. Size doesn’t matter. But poor little Bul, he froze. His tiny hands and feet clinched into little balls making him even smaller.

Laughing herself awake, Zola stretched her neck and long limbs. She reaches across three continents. She’s hungry. So Bul, the very small man, lazily and to his own disappointment becomes a very small sheet cake, a bit yellow and without frosting. No bother. Bul tasted of sea voyages and condensed milk, and essentially was large enough to savor under her tongue. Zola did just that and remained well-fed for many days.

Little red feet with big blue toes, let me put my hand inside your clothes.

Sandman (1952-1999)

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