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dress code bias in higher ed

May 28, 2016

Higher Ed “institutional culture” needs to take note and Re the F Lax and understand the relationship between personal comfort and productivity, desire and presence when serving students is fluid. Nothing is equal except openness to individuals doing their good work. Whether in jeans and boots, suits and loafers, miniskirt and sneakers, a great educator gets it done. Dress presentation of self in the workplace is one type of diversity. And, students don’t care! Seriously.

Focus should be on bringing our most well self to work.

Superficiality!!! Important. Not important. Important. You don’t get to decide no matter your class or status in the Institution. Because the Institution is Ours.

The freaks, queers, misfits, weirdos, nerds, goths, punks, the Goonies—the NOT YOUs. Colleges, Universities, Schools, Preps…the dot dot dots. It’s our time…

It’s our time.

When we feel put together, presenting our various and wonderful identies, that we may demonstrate outwardly through dress… Then we are ready to meet students where they are and to listen how they want to get to their next place.

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