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Who’s rules?

March 23, 2016

Staff and faculty fronting travel expenses to a conference, particularly national-level conferences where we proudly present good work and research?

That’s a bogus rule.

I’m grateful that my College works with me to get a travel advance because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to share our work or learn from others how to tune-up our practice.

The assumption that staff and faculty have a line of credit or cash on hand to pay in advance is assumptive, and clasist, and more deeply boxes more than a few out from participating in conferences and, arguably from (doing) and sharing the outcomes of the good, great work.

This rule is bogus because the folks working with our students, watching our students, learning about them and using what they learned to impact student success ((contentment and achieving their intended goals)) are SYSTEMICALLY not invited to the party.

Not cool.

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