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Followers say wha… #twitter

March 7, 2014

Dear People using Twitter that follow me because I’m friends with people you follow on Twitter,

No harm, no foul. By my regard, friends are different than followers, connections, and “likes”.

Primarily, Twitter serves as a group text messaging scenario for me, with my friends (the majority of whom are educators in some way, shape, or other). After that it’s an archrival space–for stuff I dig and think other folks might dig too.

If I don’t know you, then you’re lurking, as we humans do. Then, if you’re lurking, it’s most important to me that you feel invited. You are invited.

Heyya. Anytime you wanna be in the mix. Do it. Social Media provides space for anon as much as it does for being person-to-person, around the world social. Not just a catchy name, social media.

Jump in. I’ll either catch you or hand you off to someone better equipt.

It’s all about tuning up. Like a radio, right? We help each other dial into the most interesting, enjoyable, enlivening channel(s).



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