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Teaching and Learning in the Real World: Trespassers Welcome

January 20, 2013

Keep it Real

When this piece was published three years ago, I had temporarily left the real world of College Student Affairs to pursue the real world of PhD studies. At present, I am in the real world of searching for a full-time management position at a college or university. I long to get back to work–to once again dedicate myself in active service of human flourishing–in the real world.

Click on image to view PDF of article.

Garcia, GNA. (2010). Teaching and learning in the real world, trespassers welcome. Campus Activities Programming, 43(1), 46-48.  

Campus Activities Programming is the monthly publication of the National Association for Campus Activities.

[Note: I apologize for the terrible kerning within this PDF. The system @timmmmyboy excavated the article from was an early e-magazine. At least it’s liberated, albeit gunky.]

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  1. January 26, 2013 12:13 am

    Real school, and real kool!

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