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Chapter 1 : Seatown to Storrs

April 13, 2011


Seatown to Storrs

I packed my household effects into a portable storage container and loaded the bare necessities into a drive-away van. The drive-away contract stated:  (1) I had to make it from Seattle to Hartford in less than nine days, (2) I could not take the vehicle outside of the US, and (3) I was financially hosed if anything happened to the van. I didn’t care. I was esctatic about the trip, going to grad school, and life in general.

Having traversed our great country via the top, middle, and bottom several times in the past, I elected to take a new route. I traveled almost the entire way via U.S. Route 2.

Some of the highlights of the drive were Glacier National Park,

the Mackinac Bridge,

and Niagara Falls.

The major downside to taking this type of solo road trip was after about three days on the road I began to feel very alone and just a little crazy. I talked to myself, sweated like a pig in the leather driver’s seat (no AC), and did not find any solace in the hundreds of miles of dry grass and anti-Meth PSAs. Imagine that.

I arrived in what I know now to be East Hartford at about 1:00AM the day I was scheduled to drop off the van. I pulled into a 24hr restaurant and attempted to take a nap in the van. Within an hour, the police woke me up and questioned my motives. To their line of questioning I questioned, “How about instead of interrogating me you watch over me?”

The next day I dropped off the van and made my way out to the rolling hills of the Central Connecticut countryside, and the UConn campus where I settled into the super fly 70s era graduate dorms.

TO BE CONTINUED (or altered).


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