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AERA2010 | Day 4b

May 3, 2010

paper session “constructed criticism: fostering reflective practice in preservice teacher candidates”


paper #1 [phases of reflective practice: using blogs and journaling to improve instructional effectiveness]

  • employed “critical incident questionnaire” w/ preservice Ts (n = 20; 10 bloggers, 10 pen to paper journal-ers) over 2 years [see Stephen Brookfield’s work on the CIQ here]


  • descriptive phase: interactions b/t others, environment
  • inquisitive phase: limited repertoire skills, questions of professional practice
  • investigative phase: seeks alternative solutions to problems, discover professional identity, asks others for new techniques
  • interdependent phase: combine theory w/ practice, student-centered
  • global phase: ethical and moral decision, Ts confident, empowering students

paper #2 [reflective practices and pedagogical decision making: preservices teachers’ use of concept maps]

  • desire for reflection to be deeper than description of events
  • used Trochim (2001) six-step concept map development steps
  • Presenter lost credibility w/ me at this point because she disregarded an author of a paper she cited because she couldn’t pronounce the name (Ngan).
  • an excellent resource on concept maps

paper #3 [teachers’ portfolio reflections]

  • wanted to investigate path, not just end products in portfolios
  • compared early-career (n = 9) and experienced teachers (5+ years, n = 13) all enrolled in an MEd program using a case study approach & content analysis (emic coding
  • Key Codes: T2P (theory to practice), teacher as learning, reflections, comm of learners, leadership, increased efficacy, re-envisioning teacher role, technology [too fast to capture them all]
  • no statistics reported, therefore I don’t know if there was a difference b/t subject groups on the key codes of reflection

I’ve been shot down by the Chair of the session for asking a question of the presenters about their data prior to the alloted question time. I’m feeling disenfranchised and will now tune out.

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