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AERA2010 | Day 4a

May 3, 2010
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symposium on “new directions in practitioner research”


on Lyte & Cochran-Smith, taking stock of the movement, 1999-09

  • practitioner research (PR) movement persists based on Ts belief the best research happens by folks involved in day to day work in schools
  • PR “repositions practitioner at the center of educational transformation”
  • PR is a revolutionizing local pedagogy because it theorizes the daily work of teachers and students


  1. practitioner research is “far-flung growth globally”
  2. expansion of genres (action research, teacher research, self-study, scholarship of teaching and learning, using practice as site of research) and increasing critiques
  3. prominent concerns of PR: diversity, ed equity, and access of learning opportunities/highlights student inquiry
  4. multiple efforts to theorize PR that “talk back” to dominant views = > new conceptualizations &  frameworks of Research
  5. very common in U contexts as course work and/or advanced study by ed researchers; inquiry pedagogy & research => altering relationships of power b/t Ts and Researchers (in higher ed)
  6. PLCs resemble practitioner inquiry communities; central tenants shared b/t both types of groups = inquiry, data, learning, community, cultures of schools, equity


  • deepening the local work and linking across communities
  • reinventing professionalism (ideas of professionalism w/n teaching)
  • connecting to other transformative agendas for social justice
  • social change, situated social inquiry
  • renegotiating and reimagining research-practice-policy relationships b/c practitioners generate knowledge via research thereby challenge Research
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