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AERA2010 | Day 3

May 2, 2010
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symposium on” Toward new pedagogies for Teacher Ed”


paper #1 [sustainability (for teachers) in multiethnic contexts]

  • overall strategy = engagement > solidarity > collaboration > sustainability
  • although Ss academic achievement increased, it was not full-scale
  • “things change over time” need sustainability measures
  • not about community organizing (communities already organized), THE WORK IS A LIFESTYLE [it takes all of your time, u becme a family friend, etc.]
  • What are the long-term outcomes? How can Ts who don’t/can’t engage at that depth be engaged at other depths w/ integrity?

paper #2 [learning from children’s defense fund freedom schools: cultivating culturally responsive lang arts Ts]

  • [info about freedom schools and]
  • we need “culturally responsive teacher prep” w/ preservice Ts who have never themselves exp culturally responsive teaching (regardless of ethnicity or culture)
  • Ladson-Billings CRP (1994): concepts of self and others ; social relations w/ self & others; concepts of knowledge [see for PPT]
  • “learning through living” assuming Ts have never experienced this type of teaching themselves therefore need intern experience w/ critical reflection
  • “Do preservice Ts understand their “purpose” in the lives of children of color?”

paper #3 [developing critical social practices: how novice teachers connect theory to their daily practice]

  • frames: social justice teacher ed; multicultural literacy; critical literacy
  • “a humanizing pedagogy” helps preservice Ts learn how to accompanying Ss to disrupt inequitable practices
  • shift from elementary to middle school is profound; we must attend to increasing complexities in Ss world
  • using story/narratives as bridges b/t theory and practice
  • “naming inequities in texts” guiding Ss through an examination of values present in Texts
  • “critical consciousness is on a continuum” yet has a direction/motion or Ts in action
  • How do we prepare preservice Ts to encounter the barriers they may face in their work, esp. re: crit consciousness (praxis)?

paper #4 [seizing tensions and cultural conflicts in teaching: a problem posing approach]

  • reframe & reposition the roles of teacher educator as ethnographer and action researcher
  • Ts isolation = perceptions of incompetence
  • Freirean culture circles w/ teachers & teacher eds [def of “culture circles” see]
  • calls for teacher-educators/researchers to engage and get involved with teachers & their pupils > relationships (ANTH research model of participant-observation)
  • “We have a responsibility to the Ts and their Ss.”
  • “culture circles” = pedagogical spaces that differ from normal spaces where the Ts interact
  • Can I use the culture circle model to provide a foundation for multi-disciplinary teaching-learning teams in my EPSY course this summer? How would that add-value to the ways Ss engage w/ domain?


  • How do we build on the “economy of expression” brought into classrooms by our students? K-12 and preservice?
  • “we need to listen to students lives” their negotiation, rebellion, critique, responses to the contexts they are forced/coaxed into
  • see the work of learners & teachers as something infinitely worthy of the amount of attention we put towards it
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