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AERA2010 | Day 2

May 1, 2010

symposium aka presentations of frameworks and notions about redefining classroom management (CM)


paper #1 [theoretical suggestion to adopt simultaneous frameworks to analyze CM]

  • shifting from discipline strategies > developing a caring community
  • How does CM related to teaching?
  • potential analytical frameworks: subject-specific, learning activities, moral/values, relational
  • simultaneous frameworks/perspectives happening at once during teaching
  • socio-emotional perspective =relational + moral = best to redefine thinking about CM

paper #2 [notions about teacher emotions & CM]

  • important concepts w/ historical influences on CM: behaviorism, management, cooperation, prevention
  • managing self (Ts): impression formation and self-regulation/emotions
  • topics for a curriculum of self-management for preservice teachers would include: impression formation; self-awareness & self-monitoring; coping w/ own negative emotions and stress; interpreting and responding to Ss negative emotions

paper #3 [CM more than just discipline]

  • behavior management (reactive & proactive/preventive) & instructional management (structuring routine, monitoring)
  • “continuum of control” interventionists vs. non-interventionists [see Wolfgang & Glickman, 1980 and ]

paper #4 [temperament-based CM]

  • provides Ts framework to recognize Ss temperaments, being responsive to Ss unique temperaments (consistent reaction style, impressions/lens, dispositions)
  • temperaments are “biologically based” therefore resistant to change; predictive & consistent over time
  • INSIGHTS evidence-based temperament-based CM research by NYU (8$ million in federal grants) see


  • I’m thinking about “impression formation” and wondering if there are moments of heightened contact that leave more lasting impressions w/ Ss. Almost like a first date. How much content do you remember from your first dates? How can I capitalize on the “first date” energy w/o overwhelming Ss w/ content?
  • What about online impression formation and maintaining “appropriate” professional impressions (Ts to Ss) over time?
  • How can I incorporate practice in ‘self-management’ for preservice teachers? Is it only feasible to practice on-the-fly, when Ts are confronted with situations that challenge their ability to manage their emotions?
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